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Aboriginal Legal Service Vacancies

Posted by sabbir On September 27, 2022 at 10:05 am

Aboriginal Legal Service Vacancies

Experienced lawyers (community outreach) will also conduct project and case work within Wirraway. This includes assisting in the establishment or operation of legal clinics, providing awareness services in prisons, handling tort cases, complaints against the police, and handling court records. The Senior Counsel (Community Outreach) will focus on managing a Community Legal Education (CLE) program. This includes providing legal information and education to Victoria`s Aboriginal community. This includes face-to-face events and online activities and caters to a wide range of audiences, from children to seniors. The role is based in the field of specialized law and litigation (Wirraway). The Deputy Chief of Community Justice at the national level oversees and manages the day-to-day delivery of quality community services to Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander clients and community members in Victoria. VALS` Community Justice Program (CCP) is at the heart of providing a culturally safe legal aid service where community employees help our clients engage with more confidence with VALS legal assistance and other forms of support relevant to their needs. This is a diverse and evolving portfolio that includes: At VALS, the on-call notification service operates as a 24/7 service.

Our Custody Notification Service also conducts ongoing welfare checks, based on the needs of Aboriginal people who may be remanded in custody pending trial or in prison. They will also assist the custody notification team as needed in contacting Detained Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people to conduct a welfare check and coordinate legal advice from the vals duty counsel. We are looking for individuals who are enthusiastic about our mission to “empower Indigenous people and advance the interests and aspirations of the Indigenous community by providing a full range of legal and related support services across Western Australia.” With us you will find an organization that is both stimulating and rewarding. As a Lotjpa Legal Services Project Coordinator, you will be responsible for coordinating and working on the establishment and delivery of the Lotjpa Legal Service (LLS) and ensure that it is delivered in accordance with the approved service model, service policies and in collaboration with VLA, Yoorrook, VALS and other relevant stakeholders. Balit Ngulu`s primary function is to provide adequate legal advice and representation to Indigenous children and youth, divert Indigenous children and youth from the justice system, and support their empowerment and resilience in her areas of care. As a Youth Support Officer, you will have an educational role in preventing and combating crime and working with other institutions to offer alternative programs to youth and Indigenous communities. They work closely with youth and their families as well as leading service providers to support effective and sustainable engagement with Balit Ngulu Legal Services. The primary responsibility of the paralegal, Care and Protection/Family Law firm is to assist Indigenous clients in providing high quality legal support services. As a Community Engagement Officer, you will help vulnerable members of the ATSI community better navigate the legal system and remove barriers to compliance with legal and judicial processes. As a Balit Ngulu lawyer, you will provide high quality legal services, including mandatory legal services, representation, criminal law advice and information, and intervention orders for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth in Victoria.

The Aboriginal Legal Service (NSW/ACT) Limited (ALS) is a proud organization controlled by the Aboriginal community. As Australia`s leading provider of municipal legal services, we have been fighting for justice and justice for over 50 years. As a domestic violence lawyer at VALS, you will be dedicated to working with vulnerable Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women affected by domestic violence in Victoria. This will place particular emphasis on women who are in or out of detention. They represent Aboriginal women primarily in family law matters with a focus on domestic violence and related hearings before the Magistrates` Court of Victoria and the Federal Circuit and Family Courts of Australia. This role may provide limited legal assistance in child protection. The WA (Ltd) Aboriginal Legal Service [ALSWA] offers a variety of challenging careers for highly motivated individuals who want to make a positive difference in the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people by providing a full range of legal and related support services in Western Australia.