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About ICG Fundraising Services

One of the most difficult questions that a start-up or small business can face is “How much is enough?” Investment Capital Growth helps answer this question and many others...

The principals at Investment Capital Growth have bought and sold many businesses, and have been a major partner in many more transactions. At the core of our competencies is a comprehensive understanding of the lifecycle of a business, from start-up to exit strategy.

ICG examines your company’s expenses as well as other factors to best determine the amount of money that is necessary to allow your business to have a successful future. We help you (or key stakeholders) make decisions whether Angel Investors or Venture Capitalists are the best financing route is the best we ensure that you have a proper understanding of the returns investors may require.

Increasing Appeal of Your Firm

Whether investors are Venture Capitalists or Angel Investors, they all look for preliminary markers in a company. However, they also look at different characteristics in a company. Some of the information they look for are difficult to foresee. Investment Capital Growth helps define these characteristics and helps you to implement them into your company’s business plan.

Raising Capital

Investment Capital Growth begins to procure investments for your company only after gathering all the necessary information and increasing your appeal. We help negotiate the terms of the investments that best benefit your firm. Investment Capital Growth helps firms raise capital as quickly as possible. We can also introduce you to legal counsel to help officiate the terms of an agreement.

Feasibility Study

Market research done to assess the viability for an upcoming business venture is known as a Feasibility Study. The main purpose of a feasibility study is to gauge the advantages and drawbacks of a specific product, business model, and the team working on it. After completing comprehensive market research, all the resources required for completion of a business venture and chances of success are determined.

Feasibility studies include the following components:

  • Technical feasibility – Determines the quality of a product or service.
  • Market feasibility – Determines the demands of the market regarding a specific product or service.
  • Economic feasibility – Determines the economic situation prevalent in the market.
  • Financial feasibility – Determines the profitability of a proposed business venture.
  • Operational feasibility – Determines the productivity of the whole infrastructure and teams operating.
  • Competitive feasibility – Determines whether there is space for a new competitor in the market.

Conducting a Feasibility Study

A very important part of the research process in a feasibility study is to unveil the pain points of an industry. Usually entrepreneurs have required knowledge and determination to enter an industry. The first step to conduct a feasibility study of a project is to interview the management team working on that project. Then detailed research of the market is conducted. This can be done through the Internet, meeting representatives of the company, and researching trade journals. The next step is to make direct communication with people involved in that industry. These people include employees of operating firms, vendors, and their customers. Professional investors and small scale entrepreneurs can also provide you with a deep insight into the market. This research plays an important role in designing a successful strategy to move forward in the right direction in order to make a business venture successful.

Our market research professionals have years of experience engaging in conversation, extracting data, and ensuring that those willing to provide their opinion feel comfortable and valued during the process. After all, these are prospective clients for your venture and we want to begin the relationship between these prospects and your firm as early on as possible.

In our detailed feasibility studies, we will make recommendations to help you focus and make your company stand out for its unique business model.

Contact Investment Capital Growth today at [email protected] or call (631) 338-2114 to hear about how a feasibility study can help you learn more about your potential market.

Business Plan Preparation

Major reasons for developing a business plan are:

  • to raise debt capital
  • to raise equity capital
  • to acquire loans and grants
  • to create an annual budget and strategy
  • to improve focus and collaboration with employees and business partners

Business plan development is different for every business and each is custom designed to ensure a quality plan.

All of them include the following key elements:

  • Product Description
  • Executive Summary
  • Market Feasibility
  • Team Strategy
  • Operation Plan
  • Marketing Plan
  • Sales Strategy
  • Financial Model

Our professionals offer a unique skill in researching the industry, understanding the goods or services involved, understanding all facets of the business proposed that make your venture unique, and acquiring the necessary industry-specific details to ensure that the business plan is one that reflects a true portrayal of your dream.

Our plans have successfully enabled businesses to acquire start-up capital through both investments and raising debt, as well as provided the necessary documentation for businesses seeking capital for expansion.

The executive summary for your plan should prominently outline all the key components of a business model. You should be able to use the executive summary alone, without any dependence on the whole business plan. Usually it is considered a better option to write the whole body of the plan first and then write the executive summary. Thus, the executive summary should prove to be your condensed ‘pitch’, outlining in broad strokes what your business is about with sufficient detail to entice the listener to want to hear or lean more.

Business Plan to Raise Capital

The majority of business plans are written to raise capital. Prominent investors usually receive several business plans every day. Most don’t have enough time to read each one of them in detail. Usually an investor will brief himself on the executive summary of your business plan. In fact, they often make time to read only the first few paragraphs, information about the officers, and the financial information. If they find your concept interesting and feel it to be viable, they will arrange to discuss it further with you.

We can write the plan, so as to give you the best chance of capturing the attention of the investors through your opening words. Once you have their attention, you can successfully follow your plan to sell the idea. You need to describe your business objectives and strategies to the investor so that it’s clearly understood. You must explain how your company is uniquely qualified to best fill a specific need and how your team and products can be beneficial. We can help prepare you to answer any questions a potential investor may have. By following your plan, the investor is able to envision how it will be profitable, and the timeframe, it is best to invest in.

Timeline and Costs

A complete business plan written to attract the attention of the investor usually costs between $5,000 and $20,000 and depends on the nature and amount of information involved. A proper business plan requires an average of 5 to 6 weeks and may take between 5 to 7 weeks to complete. The factors that affect the costs include the depth of the financial complexity, the amount of market research needed, the technical knowledge required and the amount of useful material provided by you in advance. Feasibility studies and writing a business plan both require extensive market research, so we offer a significant discount if you require both services.

Our team has the experience of writing hundreds of business plans and knows the expectations of investors and how to attract them. We have relationships with many investors, broker-dealers which can help you when it comes to finding solid investors.

Contact Investment Capital Growth today at [email protected] or call (631) 338-2114 to inquire about having a business plan prepared for your business.