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How Can You Get Additional Hour In Your Day

Posted by Cliff Locks On September 28, 2017 at 11:29 pm

How Can You Get Additional Hour In Your Day

When you are asking by people “how are you”, do you end up saying, “I’m very busy”? Shouldn’t it be good to get an extra hour in my day which is absolutely focused and worthwhile? To gain that particular additional hour of productivity and effectiveness, there’s something you need to include in your day as well as something you have to take away from your day. Should you choose to carry out both things, I guarantee you will get that one additional hour which you so much desired.

If you must get an extra hour in your day, one important thing you must bring in is prioritization. In likewise manner, one important thing you must do away with is distraction. To begin with prioritization, I want to begin by getting answers to these important questions What exactly is the that vital thing you need to accomplish today besides is there a specific time allocated for this in your planner?  To gain that added hour of productivity and focus, you need to prioritize. What then is prioritization, in a nutshell; this can be described as a two-stage procedure. Most people accomplish only the first stage; however, they neglect the second stage. The first stage is going over the most crucial thing you should accomplish today. The second stage is setting aside time for this in your day planner. Consequently, we prioritize by going over and through adequate planning.

Let’s consider the very thing you have to get rid of; distraction. Talking about distraction, earlier today, my goal was to carry out some research and so I started my web browser, well I thought, a brief Facebook check prior to starting my assignment would not cause any harm, right? I saw an update about jogging and I decided to check it out, and it was interesting, consequently I thought I would share it and then I tweeted it and I hadn’t been on Twitter for some time so . . . you surely get the gist. After twenty minutes, I needed to remind myself of the research assignment I had set out to carry out.  It is far easier to get our priority work done if we can have only an hour in a day free of distraction.  Now I want to put everyone to test, let’s just switch off for just an hour today., switch off the telephone, switch off the internet, turn off the e-mail ; shut the door to your office and if  you work in an open space, move it to a hidden location. I bet you that if you get rid of distraction for just one hour, you will gain what looks like many hours in your day.

Getting so occupied has in a way become a symbol of respect, still yet, when we are so busy, we lose concentration and when we lose concentration we become counter-productive.

So prioritize your tasks and do away with distraction and you’ll get extra productive hours in your day.

Thanks for taking time to reading this, if you enjoyed it, I highly recommend you share with your colleagues and loved ones. Enhance your leadership potential with coaching by Cliff Locks, book time on my calendar for a conversation

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