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Posted by Cliff Locks On June 27, 2018 at 10:08 am


Are you battling with shortage of time to accomplish all your set targets for the day?

Most executives do complain of having to attend to many meetings daily that they have little time to carry out their work. If you belong to this category, I have found a way out for you:

To start with, cultivate the habit of delegating some of your meetings; get a team member who will gain from such experience and exposure.

Ensure that you fully briefed the team member about your expectations beforehand and arrange how you will handle whatever feedbacks arising from the meeting.

Following that, you need to schedule and plan your working hours.  Working shouldn’t be left to when your calendar has a free space.

If there should be any free space, another will surely schedule meeting for such moment, therefore, planned your time consciously. The periods you would like to be busy with work marked such moments in color and ensure that it becomes sacrosanct and unchangeable.

When you deliberately planned your working periods, you will soon realize that you have extra hours to put to productive use.

Please keep me in mind for full-time and consultative senior executive engagements and board openings. If you hear of anything within your network that you think might be a positive fit, I’d so appreciate if you could send a heads up my way. [email protected]

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