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Berkeley Legally Blonde

Posted by sabbir On October 3, 2022 at 9:05 pm

Berkeley Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde is a familiar and comical plot, and while the story is a good laugh, some morals go further than humor. McRae says there`s “a really interesting thread running through this article about identity, gender and cultural expectations.” The plot follows protagonist Elle Woods as she navigates a renowned law school and encounters archetypal characters who impose the oppression of gender and class binaries. (SPOILER ALERT) In the end, she realizes that A) her self-esteem should not depend on men`s opinions about her and B) that she too can be a good lawyer and be taken seriously in her pink stiletto heels. She is an influential feminist figure because she maintains her integrity despite the judgment of her colleagues and mentors. McRae says, “Legally Blonde is a story of relentless ambition, perseverance, interdependence and self-acceptance. She challenges the idea that you can`t succeed without subordinating your ethics. With an optimal perspective on performing the first personal high school musical in years, the school held a vote last spring to determine this year`s musical. Students and faculty had 12 options and chose Heather Hach`s Legally Blonde after several rounds of voting. The musical begins with the quintessence of the opening number “Omigod You Guys”, which illustrates many of the greatest strengths of the production. The song effectively introduces the fraternal support network that is present throughout the musical, as well as Elle`s quick joke. However, the outstanding feature of the song is simply how much fun it is – from the first minute of the bubbling lyrics to the energetic music of the talented orchestra, the radiant audience is attracted by the cheerfulness of the musical.

The opening number features loud music, lyricism, choreography and stunning performances from the cast, offering a compelling start to a show that will only go up. “Legally Blonde: The Musical,” based on the popular 2001 film of the same name, tells the story of a sister sister who rejects her cliché. After her Harvard-based boyfriend leaves her for someone more “serious,” she stands up and attacks the university`s prestigious law school with her positive pink outlook. Last weekend, Emerson`s Musical Theatre Society (MTS) adapted the original Broadway production for the Semel Theatre. “This is my first musical I`ve ever directed, [where] I`ve been able to apply techniques I`ve learned in class and apply things I`ve learned in the past in regional theaters,” said Gross, a junior performing arts major. Harte said she wants viewers to leave with a sense of positivity and happiness. Bridget McCarthy, a listener and junior journalism student, said she enjoyed characterizing the show through the cast. A popular and funny story full of confidence, style, and love for the color pink, “Legally Blonde” found a new life at UC Berkeley as BareStage Productions` latest musical.

With a thriving legacy to preserve, BareStage`s version of this classic story does it all – with excellent performances from an incredible cast, captivating choreography and incredible music in every scene, “Legally Blonde” is not to be missed. “Omigod, you guys!”: BareStage Productions` “Legally Blonde” leans over and catches Jesse Lynne Harte, a junior performing arts major, choreographed the show and played Elle`s dog, Bruiser. She said it should be a musical in its own right. Kiera Wilson, a junior visual and media arts student, said the musical was everything she had hoped for. “The moral of the story is that you can`t judge someone by their physical appearance or how they`re doing,” Rothfuss said, “because they might have very great qualities that you don`t know.” “I loved to dance and I thought it was super fun,” McCarthy said. “I also loved how the people who ran the show put themselves in a fun way. I found it really cute and nice. “Omigod You Guys” is just one of the amazing songs.

Every song in the musical is catchy and memorable; The audience should prepare to have at least a few numbers in their head over the next few days after experiencing the magic of the show for themselves. There is not a single number or boring moment in the musical, a rare feat even for the most famous productions. The music forms a fantastic foundation for the story throughout the show, adding even more brightness and excitement to each number. Elle Woods stands in the spotlight, breaking her “So Much Better” climax after completing a competitive internship, proving that her hair color doesn`t define her. A robust soundtrack and choreography can`t reach their full potential without an extraordinary cast, and BareStage takes on the challenge. Each cast member plays with passion and fervor, bringing to life the brave personalities of “Legally Blonde”. While the entire cast shines, some actors stand out in particular. Al-Marayati gives an exceptional performance as Paulette, Elle`s courageous beautician friend and desperate romantic. Al-Marayatis Paulette is hilarious but tender, and she shows an incredibly loud singing voice in “Ireland”.

Barestage Productions` “Legally Blonde,” which comes from the joyful and energetic choir rehearsal room, blows all expectations out of the water. Gross said the size of the musical was intimidating. In “Legally Blonde,” a sorority girl named Elle Woods is abandoned by her boyfriend Warner, who hopes to find a more “serious” girl at Harvard Law School. Hoping to win him back, she travels to Harvard, where she embarks on a fantastic journey in the name of love. With impressive music numbers in different environments, “Legally Blonde” was a hit. Not only was the plot and setting of the musical brilliant, but the choreography was also distracting. Justin Rudolph `19 said: “The jump rope scene [during the song `Whipped Into Shape`] was very well choreographed because everyone was jumping in sync and there were no mistakes.” Rudolph saw the show on Friday when it was completely sold out. Impressed, he can`t wait to see more shows next year. “I think everyone loves the `Legally Blonde` story, and I think they`ve been up to the task,” Wilson said. “I took away the fact that this is a group of people who love history, who love musical theatre and who will dedicate everything to it.” While opening night is fast approaching, that doesn`t mean the added stress of COVID-19 regulations and setbacks will be relieved.

However, the theater department invested the work and effort to make this show exactly “What You Want” [1]. The musical had great energy and a non-stop soundtrack, but it also had an underlying message of not judging a book by its cover, Rothfuss said. I think Juan did a great job with the structure of this letter. You`re going Juan!! The most impressive performance goes to Moss, who plays the lead role of Elle. Moss impresses as a powerhouse of musical theatre and obviously gives himself 110% to play, sing and dance. She effortlessly sings demanding numbers, minimizes the difficulty of each song and continues forcefully through the 150 minutes of the musical without sweating. Moss` interpretation of Elle is loyal, but she adds her own flair; Kind, stubborn and selfless, Moss makes her a joy to see success. “Legally Blonde” follows sorority daughter Elle Woods (Avery Moss) from UCLA to Harvard Law School to win back her ex-boyfriend Warner Huntington III (Eric Miller), who left her because she wasn`t “serious” enough, claiming he needed a girlfriend who is “less a Marilyn, plus a Jackie.” Upon arriving on campus, she is largely excluded due to her glamorous appearance, especially Warner`s new girlfriend, Vivienne (Kamilah Cole).

Nevertheless, with the support of her faithful sisters, her new friends Paulette (Jinan Al-Marayati) and Emmett (Nathan Corbett) and her fashion know-how, she embarked on success in her studies and career. Anna Roman `18, who played the role of Elle Woods, said, “A lot of hard work is required to prepare for the series.” Hell Week is the term used for the week before the show premiere. During Hell Week, the cast and crew must stay after school from 3:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. to get the best preparation for the show.