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Best Indian Law Blogs

Posted by sabbir On October 4, 2022 at 12:08 am

Best Indian Law Blogs

India Lawyer Guruji is the law Helpline website, here you can find legal information in Hindi, such as- lawnews, lawinfo, cyberlaw, insurance, women`s security, banking law, civil law, company law, constitution, anti-ragging, divorce, Hindu marriage law, FIR, dowry ban, human rights, Indian Penal Code, Code of Criminal Procedure, Muslim Law, PoCso Act, Vehicle Act, Sexual Harassment, Right of Transfer of Ownership, etc. 38 to 151 to 2 Posts/Month Email Get Contact India is the perfect solution for law students for ordinary people. Unlike all legal sites, we opt for 100% real mail. Stay up to date indianlegalsolutio. 9.8Kâ 15 â 2 Posts/Quarter Receive Email Contact India The hr board blog is a forum to update and discuss the practical aspects of Indian labour law and its impact on the growing industry. 4 Posts/Quarter Email Received Contact Mumbai, Maharashtra, India IPRMENTLAW is an initiative to share knowledge on the less frequented area of media and entertainment laws. Through this website, we strive to inform the latest updates, judgments, blogs and contractual knowledge about the intellectual property rights sector. Also in Entertainment Law Blogs 717â 159 â 1 Post/Week â Jan 2018 Get Email Contact After seeing the best Indian legal blogs, you now have a better understanding of how a powerful blog works, making you better equipped for your blogging journey. Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India Provide a platform for students, academics, scientists, professors and professionals to publish their articles, book reviews, case commentaries, etc. in the different editions. Jus Corpus Law Journal is a double-blind, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary electronic journal whose goal is to bring together various aspects of the law under one roof. 1.2K â 2 Posts / Day â Aug 2020 Get email contact About Blog – Founded in 2005 by Prof.

Shamnad Basheer, an academic and intellectual property consultant. SpicyIP is one of India`s leading blogs/repositories on intellectual property (IP) and innovation law/policy. Through its independent reports/analyses, SpicyIP is committed to promoting transparency within the Indian IP ecosystem. Frequency – about 9 positions per week Since – October 2005 We are a high-end law firm that has been working in the city of Kolkata for 5 years under the supervision of one of the best lawyers in the country Pushpesh Kumar Baid. We believe in the need to provide the best to our customers. Source: The Indian Lawyer is designed and created as an online legal portal that provides legal assistance to the client from the comfort of their own home. It aims to find correct, quick and effective solutions to legal problems that dispel the age-old idea that a case never ends. The team`s ambition is to serve the client with the highest standards of professionalism and competence. 270â 214 â 6 Posts / Week â Jul 2016 Get email Contact SpicyIP is one of India`s leading blogs/repositories on intellectual property (IP) and innovation law/policy. Through its independent reports/analyses, SpicyIP is committed to promoting transparency within the Indian IP ecosystem. The SpicyIP team was founded in 2005 by Prof.

Shamnad Basheer, an academic and IP consultant, was founded and consists of a group of passionate analysts and fellows who are knowledgeable about various aspects of Indian IP law and policy. There is so much to learn about the law in India. It is a good thing that there are Indian legal blogs that provide accurate information and tools to improve the skills of law students, experts, businessmen and entrepreneurs of all kinds. Lexcarts is designed to help individuals and clients who are looking for any type of legal advice or advice in your own location and city and in any area of law. Lexcarts is a lawyer search platform where your most suitable lawyer is just a click away. Their mission is to provide high quality services to meet legal requirements in a more cost-effective and simpler way. The India Indian Society for Legal Research (ISLR) is a rapidly growing community of niche academics, thinkers, activists, lawyers, professors, legal volunteers, paralegals and legal entrepreneurs who stand out from the rest of the community for their zeal for deep thinking, leadership and commitment to innovation in the legal field. indiansocietyforle.

957â 21 â 3 Posts / Quarter Check Email Contact Lexcarts wants to provide clients and lawyers with a robust online platform where they can connect in a very simple and easy way. Lexcarts focuses on finding the most suitable lawyer for your case as they take care of their clients. If you are thinking of starting your own blog on Indian law, you will find this list very useful. These Indian legal blogs offer the latest unbiased news, as well as educational and self-help tools and resources. You may want to note which aspect of each blog you like the most. Large companies such as Tata Group, Infosys, Aditya Birla Group, etc. were known for their charity that served society long before CSR was in talks during policy-making. Corporate social responsibility in India has received legal support through the Companies Act 2013. The current state of CSR. New Delhi, Delhi, India Bar & Bench is a comprehensive information and analysis portal for the legal community in India.

Bar & Bench offers the latest news, information, interviews and columns covering the entire legal spectrum. 353.4Kâ 495.2Kâ 30.9K â 6 Posts / Day Receive an email Contact About the blog – The authors of Practical Academic are Jasmine Joseph & Badrinath Srinivasan.