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No Law Zone Seattle

Posted by sabbir On November 24, 2022 at 9:52 am

No Law Zone Seattle

On 7 June, the day before the zone was created, a man drove into a crowd of protesters. While protest organizers in the region are understandably reluctant to talk to reporters — several protest leaders did not respond to Vox`s interview requests — there is no indication of the violence suggested by people like Fox News. On June 22, the mayor and police chief said at a press conference that police would reoccupy the eastern district “peacefully and in the near future”; [41] [42] No specific timeline was given. [184] CNN quoted CHOP`s “de facto leader,” hip-hop artist Raz Simone, two days later as saying that “a lot of people will leave the area — a lot of people have already left the area.” [120] Seattle`s Capitol Hill neighborhood is the heart of queer Seattle, where the Trans Pride Seattle March drew thousands of people last year. It`s a place that fights gentrification, where residents and small business owners feel strangled. It`s a parking nightmare where the meters run 14 hours a day, six days a week. It`s a gastronomic wonderland where you can devour a Polish sausage late at night or eat for $17 worth of Thai water bugs. It is a nightlife hotspot, where spirits flow and music pulsates. A group of small business owners sued the city for abandoning them and forcing them to pay private security companies to protect them. [31] Friday, June 12: Mayor Durkan and Seattle City Hall continue to look for ways to respond to the protests and protest zone, including promising to expedite the process of transferring land in the Central District and from a former fire station to 23rd and Yesler to black community groups.

A shooting in the Seattle protest zone leaves one dead. Police say `violent mob` denied them entry One reason for all the conservative hype is that autonomous areas like this are not too common. Like CHOP, Camp Maroon in Philadelphia is a newly created autonomous homeless zone with its own list of requests to city and state officials. “I was there the day after the East constituency left, and CHAZ was just a joke that people shared, like, `Oh, it`s an autonomous zone,`” she told Vox, referring to an area free of structure and control of the local government. Residents of the protest zone have encouraged each other not to believe media reports or rumors about what is happening in the area unless they see it for themselves. Nine days after the creation of the area, its name has also evolved since it is now known as the Capitol Hill Organized Protest, or CHOP. But whatever you want to call it, the sequence of events that gave birth to the area was an extraordinary demonstration of the organization of the protesters – and the incompetence of the police. The Capitol Hill Occupied Protest or Capitol Hill Organized Protest,[6][7][8][9] (CHOP),[10][11] originally Free Capitol Hill,[12][13] and later the Capitol Hill Autonomous Area (CHAZ),[14] was a demonstration of occupation and self-proclaimed autonomous zone[1] in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. Washington. Some activists called for concrete demands, including cuts in police funding, while others focused on broader issues such as economic inequality. Despite inaccurate reporting, this does not mean that there is no discord at CHOP.

According to Carla, the name change and the resulting confusion came from an internal struggle between two groups of protesters with different visions for the region. For days, Carla said, there was a power struggle between organizers who envision the area as a peaceful, organized protest against police violence and another group that wanted to make CHOP an anarchist space where marginalized people could get mutual help when needed.