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Oregon Air National Guard Requirements

Posted by sabbir On November 25, 2022 at 11:49 am

Oregon Air National Guard Requirements

The mission of the Oregon Air National Guard (ORANG) recruiting team is to inspire, engage and recruit the next generation of aerospace professionals. The ORANG team recruits skilled men and women from Oregon and across the United States to meet the ever-changing needs of our citizens, our great communities, and the Air Force. Joining a steady influx of highly skilled recruits is critical to maintaining a force with the right distribution of capabilities. The Air National Guard finds the best possible candidates and then develops them with tough and highly technical training. Provide them with the necessary skills to strengthen the Active Service Force, ensure rapid mobilization during war, and provide national assistance in the event of a national emergency. Once the announcement is complete, your resume and supporting documents will be used to determine if you meet the qualifications listed in this call. Your evaluation is based on both your entire application and the answers to the evaluation questionnaire. Please note that if, after reviewing your resume and/or supporting documentation, it is determined that you have inflated your qualifications and/or experience, your category score may be adjusted to more accurately reflect your qualifications, or you may lose consideration for this position. Please follow all instructions carefully. Errors or omissions may affect your eligibility. If you are a qualified candidate, you will be referred to the selection officer for the recruitment test.

Evaluation of qualified candidates is assigned to a quality category. The quality categories are as follows: 1. Highly Qualified: Candidates in this category possess exceptional skills and experience well beyond the minimum requirements for this position. 2. Eligibility: Candidates in this category meet the minimum education and/or experience requirements for this position. Once you have made the decision to join the Air Guard, we will ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria and measure your ability to determine the positions for which you are eligible. As soon as you have fulfilled the admission requirements and passed the ASVAB exam, you can become a member. Now is the time to prepare for basic military training. As AIRCRAFT ELECTRICIAN (TITLE 32), WG-2892-11, this position is located at the Aircraft Maintenance Squadron Component Repair Branch electro-environmental shop in an Air National Guard flying wing with F-15 aircraft.

The position functions for malfunction analysis, troubleshooting, removal, installation, repair, modification, maintenance, testing, alignment, calibration and certification of aircraft electrical system components, the electronically and pneumatically controlled environmental system and associated test equipment, as well as for the certification of such systems, are airworthy, through intensive inspections of the electrical/electronic and environmental system and peripherals. (1) Perform functional tests, analyze performance and correct electronic, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical functions of the subsystems integrated into the digital/anti-skid braking system, the maintenance indicator panel (MAP) of the integrated main generator, the backup generator, the emergency generator, the flight control power, the AC/DC power distribution and the subsystems integrated into the systems electronic/electrical and environmental. Interpret analog and digital operational and output characteristics and results from Maintenance Announcement Panel (MAD), on-board computers, aircraft crew reports and specialized test equipment. The electrical system includes the electrical power generation and distribution system, the fire detection and extinguishing system, the ice and rain protection system, the landing gear, the interior and exterior lighting system, the oxygen production and distribution system and the auxiliary power system. The environmental system includes compression, distribution, pressurization, heating, cooling, temperature control, humidity/air pollution control and liquid cooling requirements. (2) Removes, repairs, calibrates, installs, straightens, inspects and performs operational performance testing on components of electronic/electrical and environmental systems. Analyzes malfunctions using schematics, logic and schematics, computer data, and factory drawings. Diagnose circuit operating characteristics using on-board computers, specialized test equipment, and laptops to isolate problems on the faulty component.

Removes and replaces components or assemblies down to the lowest level allowed by the warehouse. Make changes to maintenance at the organizational and intermediate levels as required. Conducts periodic inspections and tests of life support systems and electronic, electrical and environmental systems to certify that aircraft are ready to fly. Modifies and updates electrical and environmental equipment in accordance with applicable technical publications. Maintenance and operation of various types of test equipment such as oscilloscopes, diagnostic computers, digital and analog multimeters, constant speed test benches, voltmeters, ammeters, etc. Performs accurate and advanced wiring maintenance procedures in aircraft. Uses computer data and specialized test equipment to interpret analog/digital operating characteristics of devices to isolate malfunctions in appropriate subsystems. Interprets electronic terms and symbols and applies a variety of electronic formulas, tables and graphs to perform isolation and fault repair on systems and subsystems, such as.dem 1553 data bus, BUS interface unit (BIU), BUS adapter unit (BAU), F-16 electrical multiplexing system (EMUX), improved C130J CARGO HANDLING/AIR DELIVERY SYSTEM (ECHS/ADS) and F-15 engine modification from PW100-200 to PW100-220, which contains a Digital Electronic Motor Control (DEEC) system. – Mr President, colleagues, and (3) Provide technical guidance, advice and/or support to other work centres on the interrelationship between electronic/electrical and environmental systems and their respective systems, including flight controls, offensive fire control radars, weapons clearance, communications, hydraulics, fuel, engine and power. (4) Process and account for supplies in the repairable processing system for the maintenance of aircraft records, inspection records and maintenance of equipment in computer systems (CAMS).

Documents maintenance expenses and man-hours for maintenance forms and computer systems. Removes red X symbols from maintenance forms such as authorized maintenance forms and performs electronic, electrical, and environmental debriefing of flight crews. Recommend methods (Form AFTO 22) to improve equipment performance and maintenance procedures, i.e. data corrections to correct software or technical control defects. Process and accounting for due maintenance equipment (DIFM). (5) Perform such other duties as may be required. This position is a Title 32 Service except – Military Post. Military service in the Oregon Air National Guard is a condition of employment. The National Guard is the oldest component of the United States Armed Forces. Since the early days of American colonials, citizens have united in collective defense.