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White & Case Legal 500 London

Posted by sabbir On December 12, 2022 at 7:27 am

White & Case Legal 500 London

“We worked with the White & Case London Transport Finance and Leasing Practice team on aviation finance transactions, which were mainly donor financings. We worked primarily with Justin Benson (partner) and David Wright (partner) and a few other members of their aviation finance team. Our experience has been very positive. As a team, they have great attention to detail, provide in-depth analysis of legal issues and design with care. We were particularly impressed with their ability to manage the complexities of transaction restructurings and related changes to existing documentation. They have a polite and humorous way of managing and negotiating cross-border transactions and following post-closing issues. It is a very good address for complex aviation financing issues. “Nathaniel Crowley and Ingrid York are brilliant lawyers with deep expertise in the legal world of capital markets and structured products. There was nothing I asked that they could not give me full legal advice. “This is simply a first-class company with excellent legal and market knowledge. “Jill Concannon is a particularly strong lawyer with extensive legal knowledge combined with a business approach and a strong team of staff.

“Lawyers, including Ingrid York, are very proactive and will not hesitate to call me to inform me about legal and market issues that may be of interest to me. So I get a very tailor-made service. The company consistently offers comprehensive, high-quality financial market advice and transaction management. “Jérémie Marthan stands out among the partners for his in-depth expertise, professionalism and great competence both in terms of legal analysis and knowledge of the banking sector. “Nicolas Bouchardie is a great construction specialist. He knows the industry very well, he is always aware of all the news in the construction sector. He is creative in the way he offers alternative solutions and manages cases. Elizabeth Oger-Gross is the most efficient and effective partner I work with. He keeps billing under control, provides drafts in advance, and always has an overview. “High-quality legal advice combined with business acumen – focused on business and solutions.” “Ingrid York, as a senior partner, is absolutely the best derivatives lawyer I`ve seen in my time.

It is not only a pleasure to work with her, but she also has a very good sense of legal and commercial issues in the market and applies it to the subject at hand. “Working with the team, we received maximum service despite restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic that prevented us from communicating directly physically. From my personal experience working together on the case, I am grateful for the commitment of the entire team. I would like to highlight the impressive presentation and questioning of witnesses and experts, as well as the coordination of the investigation into the case and the selection of personnel. Law Firms Find out how we deliver results for our clients White & Case LLP`s London PIL practice focuses in particular on investor–state arbitration. David Goldberg is an investment arbitration specialist specializing in CIS jurisdictions, who divides his time between the London and Moscow offices. Andrea Menaker`s experience includes representing defendant states and claimant investors in major investment arbitrations. Menaker also acted as an expert witness on investor–state issues. “The firm is able to strongly focus its clients at the partner level and believes in a more focused legal advisory model. » Briefing A cultural shift – have the effects of the financial crisis changed corporate culture in the financial services sector or is there still much to be done? ( Zeena Saleh, Partner, and Chris Brennan, Partner, at White & Case on Corporate Culture White & Case is a global law firm serving corporations, governments and financial institutions. Our long history as a global firm means we are uniquely positioned to help our clients solve their most complex legal challenges, wherever they may be. “They are proactive, highly competent and useful in assessing and mitigating legal risks, including on a transnational basis.

» For more information, see: regions Find out where we work with our customers around the world “Christophe von Krause is an expert in this field. He knows how things should be handled in Algeria, and he agrees almost every time. This is the kind of thing if you want to make your legal arrangements in Algeria. White & Case LLP`s multidisciplinary global financial institution practice can leverage controversial regulatory teams in Europe, the U.S. and Asia to offer clients a global offering. The firm has particular expertise in advising on market abuse cases in several jurisdictions. Practice Director Steven Baker leads a team that includes Chris Brennan, a “strong and effective advocate” who specializes in regulatory investigations, investigations and enforcement actions. and partner Zeena Saleh, who works for financial institutions, other businesses and individuals on a range of contentious regulatory issues. “White & Case`s capital markets team has been advising us for several years on all legal and regulatory aspects of our MTN program, as well as other complementary capital markets issues. In general, the level of technical expertise is second to none and we have always experienced a very responsive and efficient service. We have always found that they are proactive and creative, often providing useful information and advice beyond what was expected and generally adding value.

“The team was very professional. Their strength lies in how they make complex legal issues so simple. Your communication is extremely effective. Their support for the sovereign is professional and thorough. “Ingrid York provides impressive, accurate and clear legal advice. The White & Case team is conscientious and understands the derivatives market. Complex transactions are handled with great attention to detail. “Joanna Dimmock is a rising star with exceptional dedication to her clients` files. He can usually achieve the impossible. “Rory Hishon stands out.

He is fully engaged and has all his cases fully under control. Amanda Cowell is also excellent. “White & Case`s competition practice group offers excellent services across the spectrum of competition and antitrust law, making it unique in the marketplace. It is one of the main addresses in the Paris market when it comes to dealing with complex antitrust issues or merger control cases. What sets his practice apart is his in-depth knowledge of competition law, his extensive industry experience, and his close relationships with competition authorities and regulators. White & Case`s competitive practice also fosters an inclusive culture within their team and beyond. “Charles Nairac has the ability to retain information and retrieve it at the right time, a pleasure when witnesses are cross-examined. Elizabeth Oger-Gross` legal knowledge in New York is exceptional, and her ability to engage the public in different ways to accommodate her legal knowledge is very compelling. “The team`s strength in emerging markets law matters is exceptional.