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Business Exit Strategies

The decision to sell your company is very emotional and personal. Your business helped you support your family, pay your bills, and buy all of your necessities in life. Perhaps it did the same for those in your employ over the years...

Do you want to spend more qulity time with your family? Or perhaps it’s time for traveling the world with friends. What’s on your Bucket List? Some people live to work, while other’s plan to work and then really live! If this is you, then this is the perfect time to prepare your business for sale…

It’s important to think now about the future. Your business may be the biggest achievement of your life, and you have likely invested most of your time, energy and money to grow your company to its present level. It is not an easy decision to sell such a large part of what has, perhaps, been a lifelong investment. That’s why you need a perfect exit strategy to obtain maximum profit. Selling your company is likely on of te most important decisions of your life, and you should ensure that you move in the right direction.

ICG is here to help.

Preparing Your Business For Sale

Preparing your business means improving its outlook prior to selling it. You need to answer the following questions in order to make your business more attractive to potential buyers:

  • Does your company have an active and efficient management team looking after it?
  • Can your business run successfully on its own when you are on vacation?
  • Who makes contact with the clients? Is there a team in place, or are you their only contact?
  • Is your business seperate from your private life? Have you used your business account for personal payments?
  • Are you the sole owner, or are the other investors, outstanding loans or convertible debt? A clean sale is a good sale…
  • Are your online reviews and reports presentable?
  • Is your inventory properly verified by any third party?
  • Do you have a record of all signed contracts?
  • Is your accounting system working properly? Do you have all financial records verified?
  • Are all copyrights, trademarks and/or patents registered, renewed and up to date?
  • Are your products and practices in compliance with industry and government standards?

There is an array of little things that buyers look at in a business before making a deal. You should be aware of all, and responsbile to them. If you are not, don’t worry! We’re here to help you. We have vast experience and can assist to approve the image of your company before you sell it.

Exit Strategy with Investment Capital Growth:
Our experienced team at Investment Capital Growth can help you through the whole process of selling your company. We have the required knowledge and expertise to guide you through the entire process and our contacts will help us to inform you about the present market trends and rates. We can devise the best exit strategy for you, and then we, as a team, work tirelessly to execute it. We can find the best buyers for your business.

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