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ICG Is Positioned At The Crossroads of Business Consulting, Marketing Solutions and Capital Procurement. We Support Business Growth, Brand Awareness & The Personal Development of Management and Executive Teams.


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ICG Consulting offers combination of mentoring and coaching support at the highest level to both private and public sector organizations, through a team which brings together the worlds of business and psychology. Our focus is two-fold: guiding management and executive leadership to a greater understanding of their business as a whole, and providing insights and actionable recommendations towards SCALING a business for capital procurement, investment, partnership and/or buy-out opportunities.

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Within the ICG practice is a group of people at the top of their respective professions, who have chosen to devote themselves to supporting executives who wish to enhance their businesses through a strategic mix of leadership development, logistics and management optimization, and marketing consultation.

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Clifford K. Locks

Managing Director

What Our Clients Say

  • PRESENTATION - "I enjoyed your presentation last evening and took the opportunity to discuss its content with my staff this morning. Now that we have identified a possible underlying reason, I am hopeful that we will work toward achieving the solution. I appreciate you providing the catalyst for the discussion!"

    -Vice President

  • PRESENTATION - "I like the methods you use to keep everyone involved in the discussion. I learned from observing your good listening and communication skills."

    -Account Executive

  • GROUP COACHING - "Cliff really is insightful and a good mediator. He offers a really good forum for us to meet weekly to discuss short & long term goals. I hear things from my associate that I didn't know he was thinking. It's an organized weekly phone call ... geared toward corporate direction and individual leadership growth. Cliff ... draws the answer and direction out of each client and helps them move themselves forward. The weekly consistency really drives the process forward effectively."


  • GROUP COACHING - "The workshop for my district Managers was fabulous. Everyone says that they want to do this again, and I think that the repetitiveness of it is very, very helpful and effective. Your skills really shine and I think you are making a very big difference for them. The things they're getting out of this are skills they can take with them throughout the rest of their work life – and they are really lucky."

    -Executive Vice President

  • MEETING FACILITATION - "The tools that Doug shared with our management group during a business planning session enabled us to quickly identify core areas of focus. He also provided very simple ways for us to continue growth and accountability of our services."

    -Licensing Manager

  • CORPORATE CLIENT - "I have worked with Cliff over the past 3 years on a wide array of projects and I have been impressed with each and every project he has worked on for me! His recommendations are insightful and actionable. He is a very reasonable person and considers constraints when giving business advice."

    -President and CEO

  • CORPORATE CLIENT - Doug’s informal coaching was one of the factors that helped us make our R&D team’s transition to Scrum very successful. At first, we reduced overall stabilization time from 2 months to 3 weeks. Now, our stabilization is part of our sprints. The team advocates for practices that help, including continuous integration, small chunks of work. Our product quality improved and we can release when we want to.

    -Vice President of R & D

  • CORPORATE CLIENT - "I’ve asked Tammy to consult, assess, and teach in several organizations. I’ve seen her excellent project and program management skills, and I’ve seen her transmit them through coaching and teaching to other people. When I’ve described a problem to her, she sees the heart of the problem and offers multiple avenues to manage the problem. Tammy is a dynamic speaker and teacher–my staff always came away with new skills and attitudes."

    -Managing Director

  • CORPORATE CLIENT - "Tammy has worked with me in several capacities: as a coach for me and my management team, as a consultant where her assessments helped us determine where to go next, and as a workshop leader. She has the ability to help us see and solve the problems at hand."

    -Vice President

  • CORPORATE CLIENT - "I have already used some of the information from your presentation in coaching one of our project managers. You have a talent for clarifying concepts and delivering them with humor."

    -Director of Project Implementation

  • “Thank you very much for your wonderful article Onboarding People into the Organization. I’d like to get as good at welcoming someone into my department as I have been about recruiting to get them here in the first place.”

    -Engineering Manager

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