Strategic/Operational Planning/KPI Development

One client, a manufacturer in the technology industry, experienced a common issue: the owner maintained the business plan in his own mind. We presented the idea to involve department managers in an annual planning procedure, resulting in a strong plan, which all managers could understand and strive toward. The business achieved a 50% revenue growth for the year.

Profitability Improvement/Lean/Productivity Assessment

A small digital health manufacturer was marginally profitable due to challenges in supply chain. We collaborated with senior management to identify issues conceive of a new line of product, and partner with a new supply channel. The result was increased revenues and profitability.

Sales Channel Development

A small technology manufacturer had successfully entered the market using distributors and soon realized they needed to build a traditional sales channel to increase sales quickly. The vice-president of sales acknowledged they were not prepared to support a traditional sales force. We assisted in defining key opportunities that would quickly build profitable revenue, and allow budgeting for the key accounts sales team to be created. The existing distributor sales channel was not disrupted and they continued to service small and medium sized customers.

Coaching & Leadership Development

The owner of a mid-sized advertising agency needed to structure a plan to allow for his retirement. We worked with the owner and his senior team to structure a buyout and implement a new management team to continue to grow the agency under new ownership.