The best way to make your small business successful is to have both a highly qualified, skilled technical expert and an experienced marketing / sales leader. However, many small businesses do not have a team member with financial expertise who’s main area of focus is the bottom line. To a certain point, small businesses can benefit from the services of a part-time bookkeeper or an accountant who can keep all the financial records and tax returns current. However, to make a business successful, it is essential to ensure investor relationships and keep an eye on cash flow to prevent it from being misused or mismanaged.

Acting CFO

At Investment Capital Growth, we can assist you with capital acquisition for initial investment and operating costs. We will develop a clear capital acquisition strategy and will work with you to make it successful. Our team can provide you with essential business financial consulting while acting as your CFO. We can help you with book keeping and maintaining financial records, help with tax preparation and develop good relations with banks and investors. Moreover, when you are able to afford a full-time CFO, we can assist you in finding the best candidate for the job and ensure a smooth transition for this new member of your team. Employing our services will help your business scale and attract capital investment.