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One-To-One Executive Coaching & Mentoring

One-to-One coaching support & mentoring for Senior Executives is the core of our business at Investment Capital Growth Consulting. These intrepid members who make up the boards and TOP teams of an organization can reach out to the mentoring team at ICG for a lifeline of expertise, experience and understanding.

The purpose of coaching and mentoring is to increase the awareness of the top tier of an organization. They are the key leaders and must recognize that, with proper external support, they will increase the value of their organization.

Away from the daily distractions and interruptions of the office, coaches and mentors empower individuals to focus on what is expected in their role. ICG Consultants help them explore what challenges need to be overcome to succeed. We address both personal and inter-personal issues, as well as specific abilities and understanding which may need to be acquired. We offer the support needed to ensure success.

Our Approach

ICG CONSULTING offers support by:

  • Assisting senior executives to improve upon key skills needed for leaders.
  • Assisting those responsible for leading in major changes within their organization.
  • Providing insight into moving an organization forward.
  • Easing the isolation often encountered by senior management through an objective and confidential sounding board for impartial feedback on issues.
  • Guiding new chairmen and chief executives as they begin their tenure.
  • Assisting first-time board directors with understanding their responsibilities and roles.

ICG Consultants begin with an assessment to determine if our focus is likely to be concentrated around personal issues related to the new role or more task oriented. We work cooperatively with the client to determine the range of the work and team them with the member of the ICG CONSULTING team best suited to the style of support required.

Personal Challenges:
ICG’s ability to mentor helps individuals gain deeper insight into their own interactions and behaviors toward others. We encourage clients to recognize, accept and, hopefully, modify continuous behavior patterns which may, at times, impede personal performance. Mentors often will challenge a manager’s thought process, provoking personal insights and comfortable solutions to the issues at hand.

Task Focus:
ICG offers a coaching approach that focuses on workplace procedures. We educate managers on processes and methods to improve productivity. We offer specific guidance and advice individuals placed in new positions to ensure the best chance for success. On occasion, individuals may experience a challenging period, and counseling may be needed to improve coping mechanisms.

Executive Coaching is the ability to develop executives and strengthen their leadership ability, performance and career advancement within a specific organizational context. This may include development and integration of specific mindsets and behaviors as well as a focus on identified skills needed for the application. An executive coach brings an advanced array of skill-sets that can be implemented with the goal of transforming the mindset with new subject-specific perspectives. It is instructional in its focus.

Think of Business Mentoring for Executives as:

Direction and guidance from an experienced person who encourages the individual and challenges them to explore and integrate new concepts.  Mentoring guides the individual to reach their full potential in their career and includes direction and advice about specific business challenges, including policy and strategy. Our executive team of mentors has years of experience and an ability to share that knowledge with your team in a rational level as well as a practical level. Mentoring is goal oriented and can be adapted and applied to your own strategic business success. It enables us to share our expertise with you.

Our senior executive mentoring and coaching programs are based on regularly planned meetings over a set period of time to be agreed upon in advance with the client