ICG Consulting is a strategy and operations management consulting firm that works with senior management and CEO’s to drive the process from planning to implementation and obtain bottom-line results. Every one of our client relationships is considered a partnership requiring a strong foundation from the outset. We seek to understand firsthand what your challenges are, as they are our challenges, too, and we seek opportunities to find solutions.

ICG works with clients to develop:

Human Resources

  • Develop managers into effective leaders
  • Define the team members’ project roles and responsibilities

Operations Efficiencies

  • Streamline operations to improve productivity
  • Advise on centralizing of project coordination
  • Assist in developing and implementing strategic and operational plans
  • Advice on project planning and project scoping
  • Assist to establish procedures to green-light
  • Work within your team and institute  a sustainability plan to a Cradle-to-Cradle LifeCYCLE Analysis

Corporate Intelligence

We work with teams, organizations and individuals to help them outline and achieve performance objectives. Driven by client needs, we focus on practical analysis to help your company grow, streamline and increase profits that will flow to your bottom line.

Our team’s strength is to mentor our clients through coaching.  We do this within your budget in order to attain amazing results for your team.

Lower Middle Market Experts

Many of ICG’s consulting client’s are Lower Middle Market, also known as Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs). We are often called upon to support the “Start-Up” community and have a dedicated team to assist this segment of the market.

The Middle Market or “mid-market” refers to the size of a company based in terms of revenue and/or asset base. Financial professionals use a range of $5 Million to $1 Billion to define middle market. The middle market is a significant part of the North American economy. In the US, middle market businesses represent one-third of private sector GDP and generally employ approximately 25% of the total labor force. The middle market is generally broken down into three sectors:

  • Lower Middle Market – $5M – $50M in revenue
  • Middle Market – $50M – $500M in revenue
  • Upper Middle Market – $500M – $1B in revenue