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Fundraising For Start-Ups & Mid Market Business

Investment Capital Growth is a boutique management consulting firm that focuses on helping companies prepare for and execute their growth strategies.

The ICG team drives results through tailored services and cross-functional expertise in program management, strategic planning, and operational controls.

Investment Capital Growth is a boutique management consulting firm located in New York. We partner with our clients. We learn what is working and where the challenges are in their business. We develop precisely tailored, custom strategies that serve our clients best. Our clients have a stake in our solutions and we have a stake in their success.

We Procure Capital For Start-Ups and Growing Entrepreneurial Businesses.

Investment Capital Growth is a business consulting firm for start-ups, growth stage entrepreneurial businesses and middle market firms.

Our team ofEXPERT ADVISORS is deeply committed to motivating and supporting entrepreneurial drive and raising funds from Angel Investors, Venture Capital investment firms and Investment Bankers to ensure the Founding Team Member’s vision is realized.

How Can Investment Capital Growth Help You Realize Your Vision?

Our consulting engagements begin by ensuring your company maximizes its appeal to investors. We participate as a strategic member of the Board of Advisors or Board of Directors, refine or, where needed, develop the business plan, and, when needed, set up Joint Ventures and Partnerships to drive revenue. Consulting and Raising Capital Funds make us a full-service firm.

Our mission is to enable entrepreneurs to succeed at all stages of business growth from concept to maturity to exit. We work with companies in the all of the above noted industries, and have an affinity for clients that are trying to make our world a more efficient and better place to live.

Consulting Services

  • Business feasibility studies
  • Review of business plans for raising capital
  • Raise seed through Angel Investors and Venture Capital fundraising
  • Strategic business planning to accelerate growth
  • Exit strategy development and preparing your businessFOR SALE
  • Company valuations
  • Merger and Acquisition

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