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Our proven methodologies raise brand awareness, nurture leads along the buyers journey, close new customers, and ensure lasting client relationships

 Ask Yourself, Are You Struggling With…

Management Consulting

ICG Consulting is a strategy and operations management consulting firm that works with senior management and CEO’s of small to mid-sized companies to drive the process from planning to implementation and obtain bottom-line results.


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Executive Mentoring

CEOs and Senior Managers frequently get caught up in daily management, neglecting to prioritize key business issues. ICG provides an objective partner to aid in “big picture” discussions and assist in decision making capacities.


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SaaS & Technology Solutions

Whether your company could benefit from logistics software, e-commerce solutions, marketing automation, or a robust content management system, ICG delivers solutions from our trusted network of SaaS and Technology partners.


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Special Projects Execution

ICG welcomes opportunities to work with businesses on Special Projects to realize scalability, profitability and sustainability. We provide strategic guidance and execution to help businesses achieve specific organizational goals and objectives.




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Team Coaching & Leadership Development

CEOs and Senior Managers frequently get caught up in the daily management of the business and fail to prioritize key issues. We can provide an objective partner to aid in discussions and assist in decision making capacities.



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Representative Engagements

A small digital health manufacturer was marginally profitable due to challenges in supply chain. We collaborated with senior management to identify issues conceive of a new line of product, and partner with a new supply channel. The result was increased revenues and profitability.


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Discover a Proven Plan To
Build a Better Business and
a Better Life

What Makes Us Different? 

When it comes to growing a business, most entrepreneurs tend to get stuck at a certain point and become frustrated, as they don’t know what to do or how to fix it. I will help you implement a proven system to break through that growth ceiling and get to the next level. This will give you better control of your company, increased cash flow and ultimately a more durable, valuable, and smoother running business.

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I Get It.

“As a former CEO and CFO, I’ve been in your shoes and know the challenges you face every day as a leader of your business.”

— Cliff locks, PRINCIPAL & FOUNDER 
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Millionaire Life Services is the education and coaching division of Investment Capital Growth

Welcome to Millionaire Life Services – the pinnacle of education and coaching excellence brought to you by Investment Capital Growth. Our mission is to empower individuals like you to reach new heights of personal and professional success through our carefully curated courses and coaching programs.

How It Works

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1. Contact Cliff

Reach out and schedule a free call to talk about the challenges you are currently facing.

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2. Discovery Call

Together we’ll discuss your business, your needs, and the next steps you need to take.

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3. Follow a Proven Plan

Watch your business grow to levels you never thought possible!

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4. Grow Your Business

Learn and implement our proven methods to take your company to the next level.



Discover a Proven Plan to Build a Better Business and a Better Life

What People Are Saying
“Lee’s greatest asset is the integrity he brings, the type of integrity earned only through years of sitting in the top seat and making the tough decisions.”
“He took the time to earn my trust, which allowed me to discover my vision and set my goals for the business. My company is now strong with 3 years of growth and value success in a row. My role as leader has changed. What can I say? It worked. Life changing.”
“Lee does an outstanding job of building relationships, “peeling the onion” to get at the root cause of issues and leveraging his experience to help focus our leadership team’s efforts on the highest-value opportunities for our company.”

When your business faces a big challenge, how do you respond? Do you procrastinate and hope it will go away or solve itself? Running with the storm?

 What’s My Investment?
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Have you become the bottle neck of your own company? 

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How much time and energy are you wasting trying to get your business to the next level? 

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How much money are you leaving on the table because you can’t sell your business for what you want? 

Don’t Settle!

A lack of a Proven Plan may already be costing you and your company a great deal! Schedule a free call today and see how we can help.

 It’s Time To Get More of What You Want From Your Business!