• Executive Advisory Services:
    • I am a trusted confidant and advisor/partner available by Zoom and by phone to be your right-hand man, who will make a significant contribution and impact on your way to success.

      As a Trusted Confidant and Advisor, I support you, along with your company’s strategic and annual operating plan. This plan may include marketing, sales, product development, supply chain, hiring policies, compensation, benefits, performance management, and succession planning.

      Most successful leaders enjoy and benefit talking to someone about their experiences, which is why most develop a close relationship with a Trusted Confidant—a person with whom they feel free to share their thoughts, concerns, and ideas without fear of sharing too much or being judged by the people they lead, or their colleagues and superiors. I am a sounding board who will help you to better develop and see your ideas through to fruition.

      The most effective Executives find confidants who complement their strengths and sharpen their effectiveness. Bill Gates uses Steve Ballmer in this way; Warren Buffett turns to vice chairman Charlie Munger. In the end, both the Executive and their organizations benefit from these relationships.

      As your trusted confidant, I am always by your side, holding your deepest secrets and never judging. Everything discussed is held in complete confidence. I am quite willing to sign a NDA.

      What many executives feel is missing from their busy life is a trusted business person who understands the holistic complexity of balancing both their business and personal life.

      I strive to provide solid financial, business, and family expertise and serve as a dispassionate sounding board, a role I like to call “Executive Confidant.”

      By creating a safe place for the Executive to work on life path issues as well as direction, I repeatedly see remarkable benefits as personal values become integrated with wealth and family decisions, enhancing a more meaningful life.

      As an Executive Confidant, I welcome a confidential conversation about the most important issues facing the business leader, including:

      • Strategic planning toward your visions of success and goal setting
      • Operations, planning, and execution
      • Career transition
      • Retirement
      • Legacy
      • Kids and money
      • Marriage and divorce
      • Health concerns
      • Values and life purpose
      • Vacations
      • Mentoring & depth of the executive bench
      • Succession planning

      When I do my job well, I facilitate positive action in both your professional and personal life. This consistently has a positive benefit on impacting people within the sphere of your influence.

      The job of an Executive can be lonely. For various reasons, confiding in colleagues, company associates, family members, or friends presents complications. Powerful, successful, and wealthy individuals often isolate themselves as a protective reaction because of their inability to find people they can trust and confide in.

      Successful people are often surrounded by many people, yet they insulate and isolate themselves to varying levels of degree. This isolation factor is not often discussed in the same context because the assumption is that success and wealth only solve problems. The false belief is that it does not create more problems, when, in fact, sometimes it creates a unique set of new challenges. Success and wealth do not insulate you from the same pitfalls that the everyday person faces. It may give you access to better solutions perhaps, and that is what I can help you achieve. Financial business success can create unique vulnerabilities, often overlooked as most people feel that the “problems” of the wealthy are not real-life problems.

  • Engagements: 
    • One-to-One Strategic Coaching: 
    •  $297 for 45- Minutes (using Zoom for the meeting). 
    • Team coaching: $25,250 per annual engagement (using Zoom for the meeting) or (onsite with travel and per diem) 
      • Enhancing Boardroom Effectiveness & Executive Impact Group
      • Strategic & Operational Planning/KPI Development
      • Productivity Assessment & Profitability Improvement
      • Sales Channel and Product Development
      • Energy and Sustainability Efficiency Initiatives
      • My calendar is available here to discuss your specific needs: 

Board Service: